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Our History

In 1998, pursuing a long-held dream, Ms. Ruby N. Jones, with the help of other Oberlin residents and friends, founded the Oberlin Community Youth Scholarship Fund (OCYSF).  A long-time employee of the Oberlin School District, her dream was to establish Oberlin community support for education of Oberlin students beyond the high school level.  Over the next twenty years, more than $200,000 was raised for that purpose. In 2018, the organization was renamed the Ruby N. Jones Community Scholarship Fund (RNJCSF) to honor the founder. 

Our Mission 

The Ruby N. Jones Community Scholarship Fund is a grass-roots organization, whose mission is to provide need-based financial support for higher education to capable college-aged students with strong character and personal vision residing within the Oberlin school district.  Knowing how further education can broaden the scope of their available opportunities, we strive to help them realize their dreams of post-secondary education.

Our Objectives

Our objective are to identify capable students with financial need, to solicit financial contributions from Oberlin residents, organizations and businesses, and to channel that support into scholarships for those students. The RNJCSF is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  Contributions to RNJCSF are tax-deductible.

How Does RNJCSF Work?

 The RNJCSF is managed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. We strive to keep the composition of the board reflective of the diverse nature of the Oberlin community.  Each year the board solicits financial donations from Oberlin residents, organizations, and businesses, and acts as a conduit to use those contributions to support deserving students in need.


Scholarship applications and guidelines are available at Oberlin High School and online at our website.  Recipients are chosen by a committee of the board, based on demonstrated need (FAFSA, etc.), personal vision, academic ability, and strong character, assessed through applications, references, and personal interviews.  Each recipient is paired with a board member who acts as a contact person and “mentor". 


Fund payments are made to the student's account at his/her respective institution as long as the student remains enrolled as a full-time student and in good standing.

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